We’ve Got the Answers

Who is Five Star Load Board for and how much is it?

Five Star Load Board is for all trucking companies and it is free!

How does Five Star Load Board work?

Search and find loads for free uploaded from our broker network, our shipping and logistics network and from our various load feed sources.

How do I book a load?

To book a load, contact the shipper directly using the telephone or email contact information provided on the load you are interested in.

How do I Check Credit?

To check credit in any of the shippers/brokers you can see Days to Pay and Credit Score in the load details screen when you click a load card.

How quickly are new loads added to fivestarloadboard.com?

Loads are added in real-time; every 15 minutes a call is made to our database to bring in new loads.

Is there a minimum term when I sign up?

We do not require notice to cancel your subscription. No minimum term when signing up. Cancel at any time.